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Trade Licensing

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reasons to get a trade license

Obtaining a trade license is not just a legal requirement; it’s the cornerstone of a
successful and trustworthy business. It ensures compliance, builds credibility with clients,
and unlocks opportunities for growth and prosperity. In the journey of entrepreneurship,
a trade license is your passport to legitimacy and success.


Earning more Dollars

A trade license ensures legal compliance, fostering trust and a professional image crucial for attracting high-paying clients. It opens doors to lucrative opportunities, grants access to financial support, and mitigates risks, contributing to the potential to earn top dollar.


Getting more works

A trade license establishes legal credibility, instilling confidence in clients and making your business more appealing for contracts. It enhances professionalism, facilitating access to a broader range of projects and signaling a commitment to regulatory compliance, thereby attracting more work opportunities.

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Starting a new business

Obtaining a trade license is essential for starting your own business as it ensures legal compliance, builds trust with customers, and provides a foundation for accessing financing and essential resources, fostering a successful and sustainable entrepreneurial venture.

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Be your own boss

A trade license is crucial for being your own boss as it establishes legal legitimacy, builds trust with clients, and opens doors to diverse business opportunities, ensuring a solid foundation for entrepreneurial independence and success.


Licenses are legal permissions granting individuals or businesses the right to engage in specific activities. Whether it’s a driver’s license, professional license, or trade license, these documents ensure compliance with regulations, establish credibility, and often open doors to various opportunities, contributing to the smooth and lawful operation of individuals and businesses alike.



A tiler is a skilled tradesperson who specializes in the installation of tiles. Tilers work with a variety of materials.



A painter is a skilled professional who specializes in the application of paint and other coatings to various surfaces.



A welder is a skilled tradesperson who specializes in joining or fusing materials, typically metals, by using various welding techniques.



A builder is a professional or tradesperson who specializes in the construction of buildings and structures.



A renderer, in the context of construction and building design, is a professional or tradesperson responsible for applying rendering or plastering to the exterior or interior surfaces of buildings.



A carpenter is a skilled tradesperson who specializes in working with wood. Carpenters are responsible for various tasks, including constructing and repairing structures.



Plumbing encompasses the network of pipes, fixtures, and components designed for the transportation of fluids, usually water, inside buildings or structures.



An electrician is a skilled professional who specializes in electrical systems. They are trained to install, repair, and maintain electrical wiring.



Landscape refers to the visible features of an area of land, including its physical characteristics and the way it is arranged.

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Glass & Glazer

Glass refers to a solid, transparent, and brittle material that is typically made by heating sand and other ingredients until they melt and then cooling them rapidly.

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air-conditioning- white

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning, often abbreviated as AC, is a technology or system that is used to control and modify the temperature, humidity, and overall air quality.



Kitchen Bathroom Laundry Renovation,” often abbreviated as KBLR, refers to a comprehensive home improvement project.

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Which Is The Best Licensing Location For You?

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Trade Licensing

In accordance with the Federal and State Governments of Australia, every individual trying to build a career in the building and construction industry must be licensed. Being a Licensed trade person is essential in building a reputation and providing assurance to your clients. In order to get your license, your need to provide evidence that you have the required skill set. A great way to get your qualifications nationally recognized is through getting certified by a process known as RPL (Recognition Prior Learning)

We have developed the trade licensing process into four easy steps

You are required to have relevant expertise and qualifications before applying for the license. If, however, you do not have an official certification of your skillset, we will be able to get you certified using the RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) process which directly evaluates your merit by assessing your aptitudes, information, and experience provided by one of our partnered RTOs

If you have advanced through the previous process, we will go through your current and formal work experience in the industry. We will provide a strategic mentorship on building your portfolio based on your work evidence.

Every Document that is required for you to provide will be checked and verified by our team of specialists prior to the final licensing application. Such documents include past trade history, past license history, past work history criminal records (if any), insurance (if applicable), Employment contracts, Reference letters, Completed projects, Worksheets, Previously attended training & workshops, Prior study, and transcripts, Any “on the job” training, etc.

At this stage, the application can be submitted to the following relevant Authorities.


A trade license is a legal document issued by a government authority that permits individuals or businesses to engage in specific commercial activities within a defined geographical area.

A trade license ensures that businesses comply with local regulations and standards, promoting fair trade practices and protecting public health and safety. It also helps in revenue generation for the government.

To obtain a trade license, you typically need to submit an application to the relevant municipal or local authority. The application process varies by location, but generally involves providing necessary documentation, paying fees, and meeting specific requirements

Operating without a trade license is illegal and can lead to penalties, fines, or even closure of the business. Additionally, it may harm the reputation of the business and impact its ability to secure contracts or partnerships.

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