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A tiler is a skilled tradesperson who specializes in the installation of tiles. Tilers work with a variety of materials, including ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone, and other types of tiles.

What is Tiling license

A “Tiler license” usually indicates a certification that authorizes an individual or business to operate as a professional tiler.This license often involve demonstrating a certain level of skill, knowledge, and adherence to safety and building codes.

Why this is important

The importance of a tiler license is particularly emphasized to uphold the country’s rigorous building and safety standards.

A tiler license is important for several reasons

Quality & Safety_zeducation

Quality & Safety


Consumer Protection





Quality Control-zmeducation

Quality Control


Earn Top Dollar

For a tiler, having a trade license is crucial to earning top dollar. It establishes professionalism, builds trust with clients, and positions you as a legitimate and credibleservice provider.


Getting more works

Having a trade license as a tiler is vital for securing more work. It not only establishes your legitimacy and professionalism but also builds trust with clients, making them moreinclined to choose your services.

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Starting New Business

Obtaining a trade license as a tiler is essential for starting a new business. It ensures legal compliance, instills confidence in potential clients, and provides a foundational framework for your tiling venture.

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Be your own Boss

Having a trade license as a tiler is crucial for being your own boss. It establishes the legal legitimacy of your independent tiling business, builds trust with clients, and positions you as a professional service provider.


Tiler trade license requirements often include proof of relevant qualifications or certifications, demonstrating the individual's expertise in tile installation and related practices.

Yes, regulations may vary based on the scope of the tiling project. For instance, there might be different requirements for residential and commercial tiling work, and the trade license should cover the intended type of projects.

It depends on local regulations. In some areas, the subcontractor's license might suffice, while in others, both the primary contractor and subcontractor may need their own trade licenses.  documentation, paying fees, and meeting specific requirements

Trade licenses typically require periodic renewal. The renewal frequency and process vary by jurisdiction, and tilers need to stay informed about deadlines, provide updated documentation, and pay renewal fees to maintain their licenses.

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